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My latest book is a novel.

I hope you enjoy it!


I recently published a novel entitled “Eyes So Blue”. Though entirely fictional in both storyline and characters, it is in part modelled on characters and locations known to me. The plot incorporates the real, the imaginary, the unusual and the paranormal blended through themes of suspense, love, tragedy and beauty.

Here is a copy of the descriptive paragraph I supplied to Amazon CreateShape and Kindle during the publication process:

“The central character, Frank O’Conor, grows up at a time when the society to which he belongs is beginning to re-establish itself and find its place in the world. His upbringing is charged with the beliefs and practices of the past as well as an acknowledgement of emerging practices and beliefs, presenting a very interesting mix of tales both real and extraordinary. To Frank, there didn’t seem to be any real divide between the spirit world and the world of his parents and grandparents. He becomes a student at a boarding college a long way from where he was raised. He rose to the ongoing challenges it presented with its wonderfully new horizons in education, relationships and sport. It was while here that he met and fell in love with a very gifted and beautiful young lady whose mother was a leading neurologist and scientist and father an internationally renowned mathematician. This relationship gradually provides answers to practices and occurrences that had baffled Frank for years. Under their influence Frank becomes involved in the world of science and when things couldn’t look rosier, catastrophe struck turning all their worlds into living hells. Intrigue, mystery and forces seemingly implacable shroud their lives leading to the extraordinary, the tragic and eventually the beautiful.”

If you get a chance to read “Eyes So Blue”, I would love to hear what you think about it. Both the digital and paperback versions are available on Amazon.com.au and on Amazon.com. The digital is also available on Kobo and iTunes.