The Coleman Lineage

Fiachra to Columhán (Colmáin)

The line of Fiachra from Irish Pedigrees by O'Hart, Volume 1, page 754.



Fiachra Folt-leathan ("folt:" lrish,..vein; "leathan" broad) the second son of Eochaidh Muigh Meadhoin, the 124 Monarch of Ireland; a quo were called the territories in Connaught known as Tir Fiachra or "Fiachra's Country" now the barony of Tireragh in County Sligo and a quo O'Fuiltleathan, anglicised Fulton. This Fiachra had two sons -1. Amhailgadh, and 2. Dathi: the former was the second Christian King of Connaught, who died without issue; it was after him that the territory of Tir Amhailgaidh, now the barony of Tyrawley, in the County Mayo, was so called.


Dathi: second son of Fiachra Folt-leathan', was the 127th Monarch. This Dathi (in imitation of the heroic actions of his uncle, the Monarch Niall of the Nine Hostages, and in prosecution of the conquest of France undertaken by the said uncle, but prevented by his death,) went with a great army into France; and, marching over the Alps, was there killed by a thunderbolt, which put an end to his conquest and life together, A.D. 428.


Eocha Breac: his son. This Eocha had three brothers -1. Olioll Molt, the 129th Monarch of Ireland , who leaving no issue was slain in the battle of Ocha, A.D. 478; and 2. Fiachra Ealg, who was the ancestor of O'Dowd; 3. Amhailgadh, who was the ancestor of Forbes and MacFirbis90. Eogban (or Owen): son of Eocha Breac. This Owen had a daughter named St. Faoileann, whose feast is on the 13th Sept.


Conall: his son; had a brother named Conn Berneach, who was the ancestor of Moghan.


Gobhneann: his son.


Cobthach: his son.


Columhán ("columban:" Irish, a prop, Lat. "columna; 'Welsh, "colovn;" Span. "coluna.." Gr. "kolona"): his son; was the 10th Christian King of Connaught, and the ancestor of Colmáin (Coleman) of that province. Had a brother Aodh who was the ancestor of Cahill of Connaught

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