Report on the Third Clan Coleman Reunion of the
Modern Era

The beautiful city of Montreal was the location for the third Clan Coleman reunion which had everything that we have come to associate with successful family gatherings. From the start, it was very clear to all that what we were experiencing was the product of quality organisation. The hard work of Marilyn and Jim Coleman, Mary and Ken Meehan and Martha and Rudy Caluori had come to fruition in a variety of excellent functions that surely exceeded our wildest expectations. Though the main functions were scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 7th to 9th August, celebrations were well underway when we arrived on Tuesday 4th and from start to finish there was full involvement, an exciting sense of family and a very warm and special atmosphere that was second to none. Towards the close of our final gathering, which was brunch at Restaurant du Vieux Port in Old Montreal, fifteen year old Meagan Coleman rose to explain how she and her age group had enjoyed the reunion and what it all meant to them meeting all their cousins, as well as how they were looking forward to the next reunion in Ireland in 2011. This was one of the nicest moments of the reunion and one that developed further our awareness of the importance of family. From all your visitors from Ireland, Australia, England and Japan, thank you our Montreal family and congratulations for a very successful Clan reunion.

Helene de Champlain Restaurant - 7th August 2009

The beautiful Wakeling girls - Kerri and daughters Chelsea,
Tara & Erin
 Martha & Rudi Caluori with Tod & Christina & Matthew & Michael
Maureen Butler, Mary Meehan, John Coleman, Martha Caluori,
Mick Coleman, Jim Coleman, Martin Coleman
 Bridie Coleman, Mary Coleman, Maureen Butler, Margaret Halpenny,
Delia Doyle, Mick Coleman, Martin Coleman, Pat Halpenny
Pete Devcich & Paul Coleman
 Martin Coleman, Fergus Doyle, Pat Halpenny & Mick Coleman
Chad, Meagan & Sean Coleman
Tod & Christina Caluori with sons Matthew & Michael
Jim & Marilyn Coleman with son Kirk & fiance Eva Zieleniak
Mary & Ken Meehan with son Ken
& grandchildren Laura & Matthew
The happy Meehans
Rudi Caluori & Ken Meehan
Bridie Coleman & grandson Paul Coleman
Chad & Tricia Coleman with daughter Meagan & son Sean
The lovely Italian connection - Tricia Coleman
& Christina Calouri
John, Paul & Bridie Coleman & Mary Meehan
 Curt Wakeling with daughters Tara, Chelsea & Erin
Tricia, Chad, Jim & Marilyn Coleman.
Delia & Fergus Doyle & Martha Caluori
 Gerry Butler, Pat Halpenny, Michael Coleman, Colette,
Pete & Alex Devcich
Pete Devcich, Margaret Halpenny, Willy & Maureen Butler.
 Yumiko & Kevin Meehan & beautiful daughter Chiyono
& cousin Erin Wakeling

The Prud 'Homme Avenue Bash - 4th August 2009

Some members tarry for a photo on the steps before joining the party at a
local popular restaurant

  The Eadie Street Hooley - 6th August 2009

Mary Coleman, Maureen Butler & Jim Coleman
 Mary Meehan & Paul & Bridie Coleman
Martha Caluori, Tricia & Mary Coleman,
Maureen Butler & Jim Coleman
 Martha, Mary & Bridie
 Hurleys' Irish Pub Shindig - 8th August 2009
 Tara & Erin Wakeling & friends treat the Clan to a fine
performance of Irish Step Dancing
 Erin & Tara Wakeling

 Michael Coleman with Tara & Erin Wakeling
 St. Patrick's Basilica - Sunday 9th August 2009

 Brunch at Restaurant du Vieux Port in Old Montreal - Sunday 9th August 2009
with sincere thanks to the Colemans, Meehans, Caluoris and Wakelings and a very fond adieu agus slainte mor
till me assemble again in Ireland in 2011
Tara Wakeling
Curt Wakeling & Chad & Tricia Coleman
Cousins Meagan & Tara
Erin, Meagan, Tara & Kerri
Jim coleman & Willie Butler
Bridie & John Coleman & Pat Halpenny
Delia Doyle & Margaret Coleman
Alex, Colette & Pete Devcich
Rudi & Martha Caluori
Michael & Alyson Coleman
Martin, Michael & Alyson Coleman & Fergus Doyle
Mary & Mick Coleman, Ken & Kevin Meehan
Erin & Kerri Waleling, Yumiko & Kevin Meehan & Michael Coleman
Wassail Montreal 2009!
Hello Ireland 2011!
All Hail Clan Coleman!


Forward to 2011 Mayo Ireland